Our mission

Our mission is to offer customized solutions focused on our customers’ needs. We want to simplify their working processes in order to make them achieve their goals more efficiently.

Our vision

Our vision is to create effective work environments worldwide by using the technology stack from Microsoft.

Our values

Who are we and why to choose us?

We are Alight.EE, an IT consulting company located in Cluj-Napoca - the heart of Transylvania, Romania, that provides enterprise solutions using the technology stack from Microsoft.

Our story in Cluj-Napoca started in 2018. We are a dynamic and enthusiastic team. In these modern times when digitalization is more than just an option, we are here for you to keep your business up to date with the latest technologies.

Good functioning of the processes in every organization is reflected on the work overall, but also in the organizational culture. Through our services we take pressure of your shoulders related to:

  • The happiness of your employees, as a result of the way you organize procedures inside the company;
  • Their involvement, because they know what they have to do, where to find the needed information and how to get in contact with the colleagues responsible for them;
  • The internal documents management - no matter whether you are thinking at the accounting documents, or the invoices you issue for end customers, or the procedures that ensure the systematization of your company;
  • The planned tasks and projects that everyone is working on - it is most efficient to have everything in one place. It can offer a bigger picture of the project and more clarity on what is everyone doing;
  • The relationship between you all, through social and educational tools that ensures a more relaxed and productive work environment.
Who Alight.EE is and why to choose Alight.EE?
Sustainable solutions

How can we add value to your business?

We at Alight.EE can offer you sustainable solutions for employees, customers, prospects and partners. To achieve this, our consultants provide their technical know-how and experience from projects in large and medium-sized companies.
IT solutions only provide the expected added value if processes are implemented in an intelligent way: integrated without redundancies, cost-effectively and quickly. We tune your individual goals with you, devise strategies and solution plans, carry out implementations and can guide you in the commissioning and design of the permanent operation of the solutions.
How can Alight.EE we help you?
Hight involvement and teamwork

How do we work and what defines us?

We primarily work in smart and lean methods, so that we can act effectively and react flexibly to changes. Our customers value this and know our commitment to common goals.
Our consultants are characterized by high involvement and teamwork. We work closely together to find the best solutions for your projects. One of our particular strengths is the proven expertise in designing and implementing solutions using Microsoft SharePoint and other standard softwares. Our team has realized major projects successfully for several years in this environment and has collected extraordinary experiences.
How work is done in Alight.EE

Our Team

High technical expertise

Alight Consulting GmbH

Alight Consulting GmbH is an IT and process consulting company and was founded in September 2012 by the two managing directors Dr. Ralf Kuhn and Dr. Habib Lejmi. The company is headquartered in Ottobrunn. The main focus are the design, development and operation of software applications based on Microsoft technologies, particularly Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Alight relies on many years of experience and high technical expertise. Customers primarily include large and medium enterprises.