The Right IT Partner: Why Choose a Small Company?

As in any activity or any choice, there are advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to choose what suits you best. But what about selecting a small IT company as your software partner? This question got us thinking, and we decided to write about it.

Well, we will present some reasons why it would be beneficial for you and your business to choose a small company as a partner.  

Let's start with the first one - Passion! 

1. Driven by passion 

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Besides the obvious goal of any business, making a profit, many small companies are driven by passion, which is crucial for developing their products and services. Their desire to do more and their excitement for what they do contribute significantly to the thriving of other businesses.

Passion is strongly correlated with the company's success.

How passion keeps the employees' focus, awakens their creativity, and fuels motivation is explained in detail in this article

2. Understanding the mission and vision 

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Being fewer employees in the company, the sense of belonging is much stronger and will create stronger bonds within the team, the mission and the vision itself. Understanding the mission and the vision will challenge and drive the people to take more action to support them.

Why is this important for customers?

If employees are well anchored in what the company wants to do for its customers, this is more visible and easier to translate into their work. A more understanding of the nature of their business and their clients’ business is crucial in developing specific systems for various industries. 

3. Flexibility and adaptability 

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These two words are some of the favorites of our clients, as we observed.

A small company offers a lot of adaptability and flexibility during the collaboration. For example, by asking for feedback during the development process, it can be found that a few of the end-consumers had some suggestions that could improve their way of working.

In these cases, a small company can adapt and make the proposed changes to make a system more beneficial for the customer. 

4. Expertise and experience 


Even though small companies hire junior specialists, in the beginning they are guided by the company’s experts, giving them a chance to grow and become excellent at what they are doing. Also, working with small companies is a plus because their experts have experience in developing various systems for different industries. It can be much easier for them to understand the company's needs and develop a faster and more viable proposal.

For example, in our case, even though Alight is not a large company, we have developed software for more than 10 different industries. 

5. Focus on developing long-term relationships with customers 

Everyone is 100% engaged in understanding the client's needs and in offering the most prompt and appropriate solutions, from the salesperson to the project manager and developers involved in the project.

Small companies provide their knowledge and put it into all their work, but another essential focus is to develop long-term relationships with customers.

How can they do that?

Quite simply, through empathy.  

The empathy will help the to understand a project beyond the technical specifications, understanding it through end of consumers needs. 

If you are not convinced yet why to choose an empathetic software development, we recommend one of our articles about it – ‘Why is it important to look for empathy in your software development partner?’. 

In a nutshell

Passion, expertise, experience, flexibility, adaptability, and empathy encompass the main characteristics that describe a successful IT partner.

So do you think these represent good reasons to choose a small IT company as your partner?

What would you add to the list?