SP App Catalog: a solution to shared applications. How to access and use it

Using SharePoint on-premises can be sometimes overwhelming. There are a lot of configurations and settings that you have to manage and pay attention to in order to perform actions, implement solutions and keep information safe. Read more

Harsh times, better boundaries: How to achieve work-life balance

Notifications come from everywhere. You got so accustomed to them that you don't even stress regarding them - however, you do check them because maybe it's from work. Or just another funny meme your friends shared. Read more

Flattening multi-level hierarchies in SQL server – Solution and Performance

Software applications are for sure one of the most valuable assets for companies, providing critical capabilities and functionalities to perform a wide range of operations in the industry. But when they don’t perform as expected could add more pain than gain.
Poor performance costs the software industry millions of money annually in the form of lost revenue, hardware costs, damaged customer relations and decreased productivity. Read more

CSS Mosaic Layout

Nowadays, the internet is full of layouts to display several elements together. The most popular, in the case of elements of different sizes, is “mosaic” or “masonry”. Here is a simple way to integrate it in your pages. Read more