Flattening multi-level hierarchies in SQL server – Solution and Performance

Software applications are for sure one of the most valuable assets for companies, providing critical capabilities and functionalities to perform a wide range of operations in the industry. But when they don’t perform as expected could add more pain than gain.
Poor performance costs the software industry millions of money annually in the form of lost revenue, hardware costs, damaged customer relations and decreased productivity. Read more

CSS Mosaic Layout

Nowadays, the internet is full of layouts to display several elements together. The most popular, in the case of elements of different sizes, is “mosaic” or “masonry”. Here is a simple way to integrate it in your pages. Read more

CSS Multiline Ellipsis

On almost every project we need to be creative about CSS, especially for special cases like the possibility that the text is too long for the space provided. How do we solve these cases? Read more

SharePoint Search: Managed properties

Have you ever thought about what is the most used ‘feature’ in the internet? I would loudly say: SEARCH. Just think about how many times you open the browser just to search for something rather than navigating to a specific website.
Well, we truly believe that search is also one of the key features of an Intranet. You have documents, news, articles, metadata and many other information. We know that a well-done navigation will help, but with a really good search engine, your content will be taken to another level. Read more