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Using The Right Tech Solutions To Increase
Employee Engagement

Do your employees rush for the door when the clock hits 5 o'clock?

Do you feel like your team isn’t where you want it to be?

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You might be right because…

The current workforce has a lot of problems with employee engagement.

Studies show that employee engagement is strongly tied with better performance at the workplace, happier employees and increased productivity.

But studies also show that…

Only 33% of employees plan to stick around at their current workplace in the long run.

And that has a lot to do with employee engagement, and our inability to increase it.

The Thing About Employee Engagement…

Is that people throw the term around, but not a lot of them understand it.

It’s not all about higher salaries and a few benefits here and there.

Although that definitely helps.

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But it has a lot to do with the core values of your company, and how you manage to live and work by them.

So the first step for any improvement in employee engagement is a mindset shift.

You need to clearly define your organization’s values, and actually strive towards implementing them.

So any tech solution we’ll tell you about here will be valued.

But to make sure you don’t work in vain, you need to actualize your business.

Think about your values.

Define your vision.

Put everything on paper.

Do your best to share that vision with your employees.

You can think about it like it’s a speech you’re giving. Sure, the content could be great, your gesticulation may be on-point, and the topic could be extremely important…

But if you don’t work to get your audience interested, it will be in vain.

So get your audience interested.

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Make your employees believe in you. Change your transactional boss-worker relationship into an actual collaboration, where you both strive towards a common goal.

And then, you can reap the benefits of these tech solutions.

Tech To Increase Employee Engagement

Before we get into it though, a word of caution.

Not all of these options are easy to implement. Some of them actually require an expert’s input, so don’t treat them all as a DIY project to implement over the weekend.

But rest assured - we have something for every pocket size.

So let’s get into it.

#1 Deploy An Intranet

Now don’t get us wrong: intranets can be cumbersome if you don’t install them right, especially if you stray away from the cloud technology powering modern intranets.

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But, if you do them right, and you actually incentivize your intranet’s use…

You can drastically increase employee engagement, especially if you set-up extra features like social integrations and facilitate easy access to its features.

You basically get a central hub for everything your company does.

And that’s where you can slowly start building relationships, all while managing your work easier.

If that piqued your interest, we have a piece on modern intranets and why they’re still relevant in 2020.

Make sure you give it a read through before you start implementing tech to increase employee engagement.

#2 Use Social Media

Your employees are on social media already.

And like it or not…

They’re going to use social media while they’re at work. Especially if you employ millennials.

But you shouldn’t be upset with that.

If you’re smart about it, you can use social media to increase employee engagement, instead of ignoring or forbidding it.

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Here’s how:

  • Set-up communication (though we recommend banter-only channels) over social media
  • Incentivize sharing on internal channels
  • Use Your Social Media to highlight your employees’ achievements

And if you’re thinking…

“How am I going to go about that? I don’t have anything to highlight, and I’m not good on communicating online”

Well, better get used to it if you want to stay competitive in the 2020’s.

People are moving online.

Plus, here’s a quick case study by The Rail on how to use social media to increase employee engagement in coffee shops and restaurants.

They can do it.

So can you.

#3 Better Document Management

Document management - also known as DMS, or Document Management System - is a means to enhance the work your company does with any form of document.

Think OneDrive, but more advanced, and customizable to your needs.

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And yeah, the first benefit you get from that is an easier job for everyone.

Document management is important, especially if:

  • You have to manage complex documentation for software projects
  • Your enterprise numbers a lot of employees
  • You have a lot of internal documents detailing processes and rules
  • You need an efficient way to onboard new employees

But there’s a hidden benefit to that…

If you enable your employees to do a good job, employee engagement will increase.

And if this got you curious, we have an entire piece on document management, how to do it better, and how we can help there.

But this is more than just document management.

It’s a principle you should have in mind.

Remove obstacles and you will keep your team happy.

Speaking of...

#4 Customized Productivity Tools

Microsoft Planner, Asana, or Trello can go a long way to improving your productivity.

It’s why they have a huge appeal.

And you should definitely stick to that if your workflow is pitch perfect.

But if you feel like you and your team can benefit from tailor-made productivity tools…

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Definitely give it a go.

Tasklist management, improved communication and shareability of projects…

These are just a few of the things that customized productivity tools can take care of. And believe us, they can go a long way in improving the workflow of your enterprise.

For example, with Azure DevOps, you can customize your tools to enhance pretty much any process.

Again, that’s especially true if your team is large.

You need a better plan to keep more people in check.

#5 Gamification

Gamification is strongly tied to how humans operate.

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Shortly, gamification is the use of game-specific elements, like leveling up and unlocking achievements, to incentivize behaviours in other areas, like marketing or…


And it works because getting a sense of achievement and progress is hardwired into our brain.

You know what else is tied with a sense of achievement and progress?

Employee engagement.

So gamification can be a good solution if you want to increase that.

And you can definitely pull it off with a board and marker.

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But if you really want to level-up, you should use platforms and tech specifically made for the implementation of gamification.

#6 Constant Learning

Besides a good salary, the chance to advance, benefits and a nice working environment…

People also look for opportunities to grow.

Both as human beings, and as employees.

So you can consider sponsoring learning opportunities for your employees. It ties back into the constant need to evolve, specific to people oriented towards a growth mindset.

You know, the type of people you’d like to employ.

And have them stick around for more than a year.

Sure, you could just create an PluralSight account and buy some courses.

But there are ways to take this to the next level too. Think about customized LMS (learning management systems) or just an internal platform for knowledge sharing.

There are ways to work on the system.

Tech Tips To Keep In Mind

So up above you have a few tech ideas to increase employee engagement.

But remember…

You shouldn’t limit yourself to them.

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Employee engagement is a very complicated matter, and we’ll state it once again: Any change in employee engagement needs to begin with a real shift in mindset.

But now you have a foundation to build on.

So let’s talk about implementation.

First, don’t be afraid to reach out to experts. It’s better to spend some money on a professional that will actually set-up your:

  • Intranet
  • Document Management System
  • Gamification Platform
  • >Learning Platform

Than it is to try and do it in-house, and end up with a half-working system that nobody uses.

Think about it like this:

Sure, if you DIY it, you’ll spend no money.

But if you’re not an IT expert, you’re still wasting your time, which is a very important resource.

On par with money, we’d dare say.

Second, work with existing frameworks.

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when there’s people that have been building high-quality wheels for decades.

That’s why we, for example, work on the Microsoft Infrastructure.

We do cloud computing in Azure and we use Sharepoint or the Office 356 suite most of the time.

But that doesn’t mean you’re limited when you use those frameworks.

Quite the contrary, you save a lot of time and money getting started…

And with the right tech partner, you can customize everything to fit your company.

To Wrap It Up

Think about employee engagement as a path, not necessarily a destination.

Again, it’s a complex thing, and no one can ever say that they have achieved “100% employee engagement”.

In fact, don’t even try to measure it.

The results will come through if:

  • You get the basics covered, like a decent work environment and incentives
  • You shift your mindset in the right direction
  • You implement the right tech solutions
  • You work with the right people

And of course, if you feel like you’re stuck with this whole process…

Don’t be afraid to reach out. We’ve been helping companies implement tech solutions of all kinds, so we’d be glad to help.