Why is it important to look for empathy in your software development partner? 

In general, we humans, when we find ourselves in a position to make a decision, we approach this task by looking at the situation from multiple angles. As a decision-maker in a company, things are even more important because your decision will not only impact you but the entire business and its long-term situation.

So, when a business decides to streamline its processes and increase its profit, they often turn to different software companies to develop customized solutions that meet its requirements. If you are interested in this particular situation and don’t know how to make a software selection, here is an article about it.

An essential aspect of the software selection process is choosing the right partner to develop your desired application. In addition to the necessary criteria, such as price and delivery time, as a decision-maker, it is significant to look at other aspects, such as the empathy of those you will work with.

So, why is it important to look for empathy in your software development partner? Specifically, why is it important to look for and choose a software partner that will provide you with empathic developers who will work on your project?

Before answering the above questions, let's clarify what empathy is - and we do this only because if you look at studies, you will see various definitions, that to some extent, can be found in a midpoint.

Firstly, as Daniel Goleman, a well-known psychologist, and author, mentioned in one of his books, empathy is one of the four components of emotional intelligence.

Secondly, as we mentioned, there are many definitions of empathy, but the most popular and the classic one is the one in which you put yourself in the other's shoes.

Thirdly, we could talk even more about empathy, the types of empathy, the connection between them, and mirror neurons, but that is not for right now. 


Just as Daniel Pink, the author of bestseller Drive, says that empathy can make a better world, it can be said that empathy can make a better project and better collaboration.

So, let’s go back to our subject and dive into the three main reasons why you need to consider the aspect of empathy when choosing your software partner. 

1. Better Collaboration 

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People work with people. Even if the developers do not keep in touch every day with the client on a software development project, it is essential to have a good collaboration between them for a successful result. An empathic developer will better understand a client's vision, which will help them collaborate more efficiently. This understanding leads us to the second reason. 

2. Better Understanding of Client's Perspective

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Whether it's the requirements from the beginning of the project or various changes, an empathic developer will understand the client's perspective and better translate them into the project. Through empathy, she or he will understand why a specific proposal was not accepted or to the client's liking and know how to express an expert opinion pleasantly. Thus, he would know how to get on common ground with the client. 

3. They Will Care About Your Company 

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Most developers, not to say all of them, are very passionate about their work, but this aspect is not necessarily enough.

The developer must understand the company and employees’ needs. For example, if personal development is essential to your employees, an empathic developer will use that insight and be able to implement it on your company's intranet. The developer could integrate online courses based on each department's interest, and his employees can easily access them from the customized platform.

Of course, having all this available at a click away will increase employees' commitment, which can be translated into business success. 

In conclusion 

The success of a project can also depend on the qualities held by the developer involved in it. Of course, it is normal for developers' fundamental quality to be represented by technical knowledge, but for the good cooperation, soft skills, such as empathy, are needed. It is also important that this quality exists on the other side of the collaboration to better understand and communicate.